These Small Plates Carry Big Flavor
Put a Lid On It: Your hunger that is. Cafe Madrid’s specialty is tapas, the little Spanish dishes whose name means “to cover.” They began as freebies in bars: thin slices of serrano ham or saucers of food set atop wineglasses to keep out pesky fruit flies. Today, you’ll find a huge variety of tapas, both hot and cold. Cafe Madrid offers a splendid assortment, and while it wasn’t Dallas’ first tapas spot, at 18 years-plus it probably is the longest running. We’ve never left disappointed.
Waltrina Stovall
Dallas News

Still Tapa The Line
Evolution, Not Revolution: Cafe Madrid still manages to charm with unpretentious Spanish tapas in a quaintly rustic Uptown storefront. Owner Donica Jimenez has loosened the menu to include a few tapas of more dubious descent, such as fried scallops over mesclun greens.
Kim Pierce
The Dallas Morning News

Restaurant Guide
The city’s original tapas bar possesses so much character that you’re won over long before the food arrives. The choices, a full spectrum of flavors and textures, ranges from lemon butter-tinged sweetbreads to briny sardines. In a pretty presentation, vivid red piquillo peppers are folded to make little pouches stuffed with creamy goat cheese. Combine these with fruit, assorted cheeses, and a robust red wine to feel like you’re in Europe.
Texas Monthly

D Best
Whether with a dark red wine or a cool jug of Sangria, this is a happy and fun little Spanish restaurant. Enjoy a plethora of small plates, including deep fried smelt, tender sweetbreads in lemon and caper butter, spicy rich blood sausage, garlic-laden shrimp, grilled quail, and oxtail.
Review in D Magazine