(* denotes Vegetarian dish)

Cesta de pan | Basket of rustic bread 2. | Half order 1.5

Aceite de oliva, alioli, o salsa brava | Olive oil, alioli, or brava sauce 1.5

Tortilla española | The most popular of all tapas: Classic Spanish omelette with potatoes and onions 6. *

Jamón serrano | Legendary Spanish cured ham 8.5

Queso manchego | Manchego cheese 6. *

Aceituans mixtas o sabor de anchoas | Mixed olives or anchovy olives 5. *

Almendras de marcona | Roasted imported marcona almonds with sea salt 6. *

Plato ibérico | Assortment of Spanish cured meats, served with manchego cheese, olives, and marcona almonds 14.

Tabla de embutidos | Assortment of Serrano ham, Palacios chorizo, and Soria chorizo 12.

Tabla de quesos | Ibores, Manchego, Idiazábal, and Cabrales cheeses served with fig bread and marcona almonds 14. *

Aceitunas aliñadas con queso manchego | Mixed olives with marinated manchego cheese 8. *

Calamares fritos | Classic fried calamare, served with choice of alioli or brava sauce 8.

Croquetas de manchego y espinacas | Cheese and spinach croquettes 8. *

Gambas con gabardina | Batter fried shrimp with brava sauce 9.

Boquerones fritos | Fried whole Pacific smelt fish 8.

Patatas bravas | Fried potatoes with spicy “salsa brava” and alioli 7. *

Queso frito con cebolla y miel | Fried goat cheese with caramelized onions and honey 9.5 *

Aceitunas fritas | Fried anchovy stuffed olives 8.

Ensalada casera | Mixed salad with tomato, artichoke hearts and shaved manchego cheese 7. *

Espinacas pirineos | Sauteed spinach with pine nuts and garlic 6. *

Pimientos aliñados | Roasted and marinated red bell peppers 7. *

Piquillo relleno con queso de cabra | Imported piquillo peppers filled with goat cheese 7.5 *

Setas a la plancha o al ajillo | Mushrooms on the grill or sautéed in white wine and garlic 6.5 *

Alcachofas aliñadas | Marinated artichoke hearts 6. *

Trigueros con romesco | Grilled green asparagus with romesco sauce 7. *

Arroz de azafrán | Saffron rice 5. *

Pisto manchego | La Mancha style sauteed medley of squash, red bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and fried egg 8. *

Pincho moruno | A Moorish inspired dish of skewered and grilled beef, marinated in cumin and smoked paprika 6.

Albondigas andaluzas | Andalucian meatballs in almond-piquillo sauce 8.

Pollo con ajo a la plancha | Garlic-marinated grilled chicken breast with parsley oil 6.

Rabo de toro | Oxtail stew made from the traditional recipe of Córdoba 9.

Lomo adobado | Marinated and grilled pork loin 6.

Morcilla de arroz y cebolla | Fried blood sausage served with toasted bread 7.

Mollejas con alcaparras | Veal sweetbreads sautéed in lemon-butter, capers, and white wine 11.

Chorizo San Martín | Chorizo in white wine and garlic sauce 7.

Carne a la plancha con salsa de cabrales | Grilled ribeye topped with cabrales blue cheese 16.

Pincho de cordero con alioli de miel | Grilled lamb skewer with honey alioli 11

Codorniz a la plancha | Marinated grilled quail 8.

Gambas al ajillo | Shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic and guindilla pepper 8.

Pulpo a la vinagreta | Octopus marinated in a vinaigrette of tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers 9.

Boquerones aliñados | Imported white anchovy fillets from Spain, marinated in olive oil and garlic 8.

Salmón a la plancha | Grilled salmon, hearts of palm, and shaved fennel 12.

Mejillones con tomate y alcaparras | Sauteed mussels with tomato, basil, and capers 10.

Vieiras al romesco | Georges Bank seared sea scallops with romesco sauce 14.

Paella originated in the region of Valencia as workers in the fields would make the rice dish with whatever they could find and cook it over a wood fire. It is traditionally made only at lunch time and eaten directly out of the pan in which it is cooked. Today paella is made in every region of Spain and there are as many versions as there are cooks. Ours is a colorful mixture of saffron rice, chicken, pork, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and vegetables.

Savor the flavors of the national dish of Spain!
Tapa 10.5
Entrée 18.
By reservation only (24 hours advanced notice)
paella cooked over a wood fire
Min 4 people 25. per person

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